Safe, Simple and Compassionate Cleanup

DO NOT attempt it yourself!

Often only obvious dangers can be seen with the naked eye. Unseen dangers from vapours, mould and bacteria can cause other major health problems.

Traumatic events such as suicide and homicide are painful for everyone involved. One of the problems family members and property owners must deal with after the event has happened is the cleanup. These events leave stains from blood and other fluids that may be a health risk without the correct training and equipment. That’s why Tact Bio-Recovery offers suicide cleanup and other trauma cleaning services.

Hiring professional trauma cleaners protects you in several ways:

  • Safety: Suicide cleanup and other trauma cleanups such as crime scenes can expose you to potentially hazardous substances. Cleaning these areas requires proper training to avoid possible exposure to disease.
  • Simplicity: Even if you had access to the safety equipment you need to clean a biohazard mess properly, it would take too long without the right industrial-grade products. Tact Bio-Recovery saves you lots of time and hassle, so you can move on from the traumatic event faster.
  • Compassion: When a suicide or other traumatic event takes place in your home or business, everyone involved can be affected on an emotional level. Stains left by blood and other bodily fluids can be a painful reminder of the event. Tact Bio-Recovery offers quick, thorough cleaning services to lessen the trauma and allow everyone involved to focus on other things.

Tact Bio-Recovery employs a skilled team of specially-trained professionals who can handle biohazardous waste, drug labs, and other sensitive cleaning tasks efficiently, discreetly, and properly.

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We ensure all onsite visits are done so with discretion and with your privacy in mind. All works are undertaken in an unmarked vehicle and non-branded clothing.