Repair & Restoration Services

DO NOT re-enter your home until cleared.

When you are cleared to re-enter your home, be sure to do so with extreme caution. Fire damage may have weakened the structural integrity in some areas leaving floors and ceilings vulnerable to collapse. It’s ideal to wear a mask as ash and other irritants may still waft through the air.

House fires are scary. Once you’ve escaped, there’s little to do but wait and see how much damage your property will sustain. If you’re lucky enough to avoid a complete loss, a road toward restoration is long and draining. Make this process easier by calling TACT Bio-Recovery.

Our smoke damage restoration and fire damage repair services lead the industry in safety and quality. For the last ten years, we’ve served Northern and Western Victoria while continuously training partners Australia-wide to help restore your home with our time-tested and industry-approved equipment and processes. We are specially trained to handle chemicals and materials the average cleaning service is not qualified.

Rebuilding: Fire Damage Repair

Even when the walls are still standing and damage seems minimal, restoration can be an arduous and emotional process. Not only are you suffering a loss of valuables both tangible and not, but microscopic hazards also threaten your health. Fire damage repair consists of both eliminating smoke damage and preventing the growth of mould and mildew resulting from water used to fight the fire. When this water seeps between wallpaper or into the insulation, wiping the wall down with a rag doesn’t restore the damaged area. Water damage behind wallpaper, however, is impossible to see unless the paper is peeling back. Left unnoticed, growing mould can cause respiratory problems while the water itself can further deteriorate the structural integrity of the wall. TACT Bio-Recovery conducts a thorough assessment of damage, develops a plan, and executes it with care and precision sure to get the job done right the first time.

Industry-Leading Smoke Damage Restoration

After the flames, smoke is the worst part of a fire. Worse yet, the smoke odour can last for months. While you may be able to wash the smell out of your clothes and off non-porous surfaces, furniture and air ducts are a different matter. Smoke gets trapped in fabrics and can travel through ventilation systems into areas that were otherwise untouched.

Tact Bio-Recovery features a comprehensive odour removal service that eliminates — not covers up — the olfactory reminder. We locate the source, treat the area, and return it to its pre-fire condition. We are equipped with the protective gear and professional grade chemicals needed for effective smoke damage restoration.

We are available 24-hours for emergency services thanks to our network of professionally trained partners we’ve established throughout Australia. We’re here to offer help, support, and efficiency during this challenging time. Fire damage repair can be a long and frustrating process. Entrusting the process to professionals streamlines the restoration while allowing you to focus on yourself and your family’s emotional recovery. Let us take the hassle out of restoration; you have enough on your plate.

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We ensure all onsite visits are done so with discretion and with your privacy in mind. All works are undertaken in an unmarked vehicle and non-branded clothing.  

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