Mould Removal Service

DO NOT attempt it yourself!

Often only obvious dangers can be seen with the naked eye. Unseen dangers from vapours, mould and bacteria can cause other major health problems.

The last thing any homeowner wants to see anywhere in the home is the appearance of mould. It could be creeping up the bathroom walls or lurking in a kitchen corner, or worse still, you might reveal it while beginning renovations. If you encounter a severe mould situation (which can be a health hazard) in a property you rent to others, which is often the case after severe neglect or squalorous living conditions, the wise choice is to leave remediation to qualified technicians.

TACT Bio-Recovery provides cost-effective and efficient mould removal services in addition to a variety of other highly skilled cleaning options. Whether you must revive a property that was left filthy for far too long or you hope to stop mould growth before it gets out of hand, we can put our training to work safely removing the mess. While not all types of mould are as severe as others, it is not always easy to tell from sight alone. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue.

Don’t leave a mould problem in place when remediation is only a phone call away. TACT Bio-Recovery will have your home or investment property returned to a liveable state in no time. “Do it yourself” efforts often leave some of the mould behind or do not adequately neutralise the growth. Our professional mould removal services ensure you’ll breathe easily for some time to come.

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We ensure all onsite visits are done so with discretion and with your privacy in mind. All works are undertaken in an unmarked vehicle and non-branded clothing.