Bio-hazard Remediation & Bio-recovery

DO NOT attempt it yourself!

Often only obvious dangers can be seen with the naked eye. Unseen dangers from vapours, mould and bacteria can cause other major health problems.

Forensic cleaning – also known as bio-hazard remediation or bio-recovery – is a very specialised and sensitive field of work.

EPA Victoria regulations state that all human bodily fluids are bio-hazardous, so any blood or tissue at a scene is considered infectious. You should seek the services of a forensic cleaning technician with specialised equipment to safely handle and dispose of bio-hazardous material.

TACT forensic cleaning technicians are trained to deal with suicide and crime scenes, and can arrange the safe removal of bio-hazardous material, returning the site to its pre-contaminated state.

Suicide cleanup

We know that there is nothing more traumatising than the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one due to suicide. The Coroner, the Ambulance and the Police have left. You’d think that they would have cleaned up the mess. But they didn’t and they don’t, leaving you with an agonising and overwhelming situation.

DO NOT put yourself, friends or family at risk of trauma.

You should not attempt this clean-up yourself. It will only further traumatise you and any family or friends that offer to help. You may carry the burden and memories of this moment with you indefinitely.

Instead, contact a TACT Bio-recovery, forensic cleaners who are trained to deal with the situation.

We can generally have the scene completely cleaned within a couple of hours and will even put you in a hotel if the cleanup will take an extended period of time.

Not all dangers can be seen

Besides being very unpleasant and disturbing, they can also be dangerous. Sometimes viruses, such as Hepatitus A, carried in human blood, can live outside the body for days and sometimes weeks.

Suicide clean-up involves a set of procedures that must be performed to make certain the scene is left safe for future inhabitants. Our forensic cleaning technicians have a broad range of experience gained through countless hours of training and many hours of hands-on experience with actual clean-ups at scenes involving suicides, trauma and death.

Trauma accident & crime scene recovery

When an accident or death occurs in a family home, many don’t know where to start in the clean-up process.

We can generally have the scene completely cleaned within a couple of hours. Our specialised knowledge of these situations means we know what to look for to ensure all traces of the trauma have been removed. For instance, if there is a small blood stain on the carpet, there’s a good chance that there’s a 60 centimetre diameter blood stain on the floorboards underneath it. There is no way to remove penetrated blood from carpet aside from removing and properly disposing of the carpet itself.

Transport and removal

Bio-hazard recovery companies also need permits to transport and dispose of bio hazardous waste. TACT Bio-recovery have the necessary permits, certifications, and training to complete these jobs in a safe and dignified way.

Sadly, we can’t change what has happened. But we can remove the physical evidence that is left behind. Often this also means engaging the services of trades people to carry out construction works such as plastering, painting, carpentry cabinetry and carpet laying. Every situation is different and we’ll always fully assess each situation to ascertain the correct approach.

The importance of enlisting a professional

In the wake of a tragic event such as a suicide or a violent crime, the very last thing any individual wants to face is the condition of the incident scene. Not only is it emotionally difficult to confront the damage or the mess left behind, but it can be a potential hazard. According to regulations set by the Victoria EPA, all human bodily fluids pose a potential infectious health hazard. As a result, it is best to engage a forensic cleaning service to guide you through this recovery process.

At TACT Bio-Recovery, we have a decade of experience in providing forensic cleaning after a variety of incidents. By continually undertaking additional training, we remain at the forefront of our field while providing our clients with affordable access to this vital service. It requires special licensing and equipment to handle biohazardous material safely. Leave the difficult work to us, and we will use our skills to restore the space to a pristine state.

Coping with a stressful traumatic situation of the kind that eventually requires forensic cleaning is difficult, but concerns about the mess left behind should not pile on to the stress you already feel. TACT Bio-Recovery understands the situation and knows the best ways to remove and cleanse areas of potentially biohazardous material. Allow us to step in and assist you in this time of need.

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