Crime & Trauma Scene Decontamination

DO NOT attempt it yourself!

Often only obvious dangers can be seen with the naked eye. Unseen dangers from vapours, mould and bacteria can cause other major health problems.

Why do you need a professional cleanup for crime and trauma scene decontamination?

A crime scene gives law enforcement officials clues about what happened and who perpetrated the crime. Crime scenes tend to change by the second, so investigators must work fast to find as many clues as possible. Blood and other fluids seep into floorboards, walls and other surfaces. Fingerprints may become compromised, so dusting for these must take place as soon as possible. All this activity causes stains, odours and damage to structures.

The best way to protect yourself and your property once officials have finished at the crime scene is by hiring Tact Bio-Recovery, professional crime scene cleaners.

As well as protecting your property, professional homicide cleaners provide other advantages, including:

Protection for your family

If you have been the victim of a crime, your first concern is for your family’s health and safety. That’s why it’s important to remove biohazards such as blood and restore your home’s cleanliness and sanitation. It’s essential to remove these substances and to do it quickly. If the crime that occurred was traumatic for you and your family, the longer signs of the event linger, the more you and your family will have to relive the trauma.

Tact Bio-Recovery will decontaminate the crime and trauma scene, so that you can move on with your life.

Tact Bio-Recovery understand the importance of being discreet. That’s why we have a specific protocol for speaking with curious onlookers such as friends, neighbours and the media. Our vehicles won’t call attention to what we do and our workers have plenty of experience with a wide range of situations – they have been trained to provide fast, effective cleanup services while maintaining your privacy.

When the police dust for fingerprints and collect evidence, they can leave chemical residues and other mess behind. When you work with a professional crime scene cleaner, the scene will be cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

Tact Bio-Recovery for crime and trauma scene decontamination

There’s much more to homicide cleanup than regular cleaning. Professional crime scene cleaners have training in the complexities of the job, such as being alert for anything that might be considered evidence and turning it over to the authorities.

For over ten years, Tact Bio-Recovery has been providing crime and trauma scene cleaning, suicide cleanup and drug lab remediation. We provide a high-quality service at affordable prices, helping you in your time of need. We can handle all the things regular cleaners can’t and won’t. Contact Tact Bio-Recovery today, and we’ll make the mess go away.

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