Crime Scene & Suicide Cleanup

DO NOT attempt it yourself!

Often only obvious dangers can be seen with the naked eye. Unseen dangers from vapours, mould and bacteria can cause other major health problems.

When an apartment or home becomes a crime scene or is the site of an unfortunate, tragic event such as a suicide, it’s not possible to simply hire a regular cleaning company to deal with the resulting mess and disarray. Because bodily fluids and tissues constitute a biohazard, it is essential to hire a licensed biohazard crime scene clean up crew.

At TACT Bio-Recovery, we have an experienced team standing by to help you and your property recover from this ordeal. When faced with a serious event such as this, it is often easy to think that the police or other authorities are the ones responsible for the mess left behind. Additionally, it is often difficult to tell just by looking what the true extent of the crime scene is; factors such as carpeting, for example, can complicate matters.

When your primary goal is to restore your property to a habitable condition, we understand and are ready to help. 

Restore your property to a cleaner, habitable state

Fast, reliable, and affordable are the three important hallmarks of our service. On a typical biohazard cleaning call, we can often return the site to its pre-crime state within a matter of hours.

For more severe jobs, we can coordinate closely with you to ensure a complete and thorough job. Sometimes it may be necessary for you to get in touch with other trades, such as if the carpet needs a replacement. We will advise you on the best course of action to achieve full remediation.

The TACT Bio-Recovery team also has a wealth of experience in a variety of cleanup scenarios. For example, we have cleaned and rehabilitated more than 100 sites used for illicit methamphetamine production. This tough task has equipped us with the experience and first-hand knowledge necessary for handling even the hardest decontamination jobs.

This stressful, upsetting situation is unfortunate, but taking the correct steps for remediation will allow you to begin the process of moving forward once again.

Do you need a biohazard or crime scene clean up crew right away? TACT Bio-Recovery maintains 24-hour availability to help in the event of an emergency.

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We ensure all onsite visits are done so with discretion and with your privacy in mind. All works are undertaken in an unmarked vehicle and non-branded clothing.