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TACT Bio-Recovery Pty Ltd prides itself on helping you in your time of need

TACT Bio-Recovery Pty Ltd is a specialist forensic cleaning company, dedicated to servicing Melbourne, Western Victoria and Tasmania. We specialize in trauma and body fluid cleanup as well as Meth Lab decontamination. We have fully trained forensic cleaners and affiliates situated throughout Australia.


TACT Bio-Recovery offers specialized cleaning services such as forensic cleaning, trashed home clean ups, Hoarding, Squalor, Unattended death scenes, Crime scene cleaning including the testing and Remediation of Clandestine Laboratories (Meth Labs) and remediation of hydroponic drug houses, Property Decontamination, and workplace accidents just to name a few. In reality TACT Bio-Recovery is equipped and capable of cleaning any situation that contains trash, mess, filth, body fluids, pathogens, drug residue, feces mold and more.


You or any staff should never be exposed to dangerous or contaminated sites. Professional specialized technicians ( a forensic cleaner) with the proper training and  personal protection equipment (PPE) must be employed to suitably address these situations.


Often only obvious dangers can be seen with the naked eye, However  unseen dangers from vapors, mold, bacteria and or psychological trauma from the actual site can can cause other major health problems if the innocent and untrained are exposed to the situation.

It is essential that in any potentially hazardous situation, professionally trained technicians control the site until it is deemed safe to reuse.


TACT Bio-Recovery work to an exceptionally high standard. Our staff are fully trained specialists offering you protection from the possibility of physical and psychological trauma. 

At TACT Bio-Recovery , We understand the burden that is placed on a families and work colleagues after a traumatic event. After an accident or death, families are dealing with police, funeral homes, insurance, etc. and it can become extremely overwhelming. We decided to put together a framework of trauma clean up procedures to take at least one burden away from those people affected by the situation.


We have performed extensive research on the certifications and training required to become a forensic cleaner or often called a crime scene cleaner. This has helped us to ensure that all members of TACT Bio-Recovery are properly trained and certified prior to entering your home.

A bio-hazard clean up is much more than just cleaning. Crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup or murder clean up is a three stage process. The first stage is to get the area clean and free from contaminated items, the second stage is to disinfect. The third stage is to return the affected area to it's pre contamination condition.


Just performing the cleanup can leave the bloodborne pathogens behind, possibly causing disease and illness to whoever comes in contact with it. We use only approved bloodborne pathogen chemicals for disinfecting. Our firm meets all standards for blood borne pathogen cleaning, disinfecting and disposal. The waste products generated at a scene must be properly disposed of. This is an important factor when considering a company for this nature of cleaning.